ESPRiT Project extension - Events for the period February - May 2010
By the end of January 2010, three months extension of the project is agreed with DEG. This prolongation was proposed by the project management on the base of high allows to finish some of started activities and will allow improvement of some of ESPRiT project success indicators.

The following events are foreseen for the period February - May 2010:
  1. ESPRiT Courses - Final exams, extraordinary round II
  2. ESPRiT Final exams for trainers, rounds III and IV
  3. ESPRiT certification process for the titles "risk examiners" and "senior risk assessors", rounds II and III
  4. Workshops for HSE and Equipment track (to be considered as on-the-job training for participants not fulfilling additional requirements for certification)
You may see the preliminary plan of these events here and apply for some of them!
Based on received application, the preliminary plan will be updated and published again! All applicants will receive detailed information.