ESPRiT Course # 6 HSE and LCA, Health, Safety and Environment including Life Cycle Assessment - Second round
Date: December 21 - 25, 2009
Host: Faculty of Technical Science, University Novi Sad
Place: Zbornica Faculty of Technical Science, Block F FTN (STARI PRAVNI FAKULTET), I floor
Status: confirmed
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Application deadline: December 10, 2009

Important note, please pay attention!

Course participants need to bring laptops with them, at least one laptop per two participants. Specific software will be install on laptops in order to demonstrate LCA!
The benefit of this is that the installation will be free for further use. 

So, while applying for the course, please make as comment if you are able to bring a laptop.

If most of the participants can not bring laptops, ESPRiT team will arrange special classroom with computers, but in that case no license will be provided.


While applying for the course, please use Serbian characters š, č, ć, đ, ž.

General data of the course

Overview The course has to increase the knowledge about EU regulation in the field of HSE. It explains the objectives and requirements, state-of-the art in application including constraint and advantages, and elaborate used techniques on a number of examples. Special reference is given to life cycle assessment and its application.
Target profile of attendees HSE engineers and personnel involved in the HSE activities of companies
Course contents (divided in units)
Unit 1: Introduction to industrial safety issues
  • Topics of Seveso, IPPC, Occupational safety and health
  • Explanation on different aspects of the term safety
Unit 2: Introduction to the IPPC (Integrated pollution prevention and control)
  • Mandatory environmental conditions
  • Directive (2008/1/EC)
  • The Seville process: BAT and BREF
  • Permit requirements
  • Permit applications: information required and consultation procedure
  • Implementation of the IPPC Directive
  • Revision of the IPPC Directive
Unit 3: Beyond IPPC…
  • BREF on Economics and Cross-Media
  • IPPC in relation to other instruments
  • The role of LCA in the context of IPPC
Unit 4: Life cycle assessment (LCA) 0 Introduction and theory
  • Introduction into LCA
  • LCA theory ISO 14040 / 14044

Unit 5: Practical example
  • Example of an LCA
  • Creating your first LCA
Unit 6: Practical LCA assessment
  • Impact assessment methods
  • Normalization and weighing
  • Monte Carlo Analysis
  • Complex end-of-life scenarios
  • Allocation and parameters
Unit 7: LCA application and wrap-up
  • Feedback previous day, discussion and questions
  • Examples of LCA application
  • Wrap-up
Unit 8: Individual exercise

Unit 9: Preparation for final exam and final exam
Course duration
5 days
The course includes certification exam.
Special remarks, warnings

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