ESPRiT Course # 8a FIRE, Fire Protection and modeling - Second round
Date: January 18 - 22, 2010
Host: Faculty of Mechanical Engineering University of Belgrade
Venue: Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Kraljice Marije 16, V floor, room 518
Status: confirmed
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Application deadline: January 13, 2010

While applying for the course, please use Serbian characters š, č, ć, đ, ž.

General data of the course

Overview The course will start with theory of fire and extinguishment and explain sources of risk and fire protection installations. Through number of example fire protection measures in industry will be shown as well as legal background and requirements and applied safety concepts.
Target profile of attendees
  • Engineers from the Private and the Public sector
  • Regulators
  • Health, Safety and Environmental practitioners
  • Academics and Researchers from Industry
  • Design/Operations/Maintenance staff from all sectors
  • Project Management
  • SHE/Risk assessment/Safety consultants
Course contents (divided in units) Unit 1
Fire Protection in Industry (Fundamentals)
  • Structural Fire Protection
  • Theory of Fire
  • Fire Protection Installations
  • Risks of Fire
  • Theory of Extinguishment
  • Sources of Risks
  • Behavior
Unit 2
Fire Safety concepts
  • Legal background and requirements
  • Structure and content
  • Example case for a building
  • Excursus: Fire Safety concepts for technical installations and machines
Unit 3
Consequences of fire and fire protection in industry
  • determination of fire load
  • heat release in industrial fires
  • fire load on structures (EuroCodes)
  • risk analysis
  • protective measures (design, application)
  • application examples
Unit 4
Modeling of Fire
  • Introduction
    Basic principles    
    Application of fire modeling
    The phenomenon of a fire
    Hierarchy of fire models
  • Modeling of fire, Balance equations for mass, momentum and heat transfer (CFD models), Closure laws for CFD models
    Chemical reaction models
    Mixture fraction
    Radiation models
  • Zone models
    Plume models
    CFD models
    Smoke ventilation
    Egress modeling
Unit 5

Review of the main course topics and final exam
Course duration
5 days
The course includes final exam
Special remarks, warnings none

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